Do you still drive a Suzuki vehicle? Then your Suzuki warranty is almost definitely expired. Why? Because as of August 2019, there are only a few months left of the powertrain warranty on any Suzuki vehicle in the U.S. that has less than 100,000 miles on it. Also, the original bumper-to-bumper Suzuki warranty expired years ago. In case you weren’t aware, the last Suzuki model year in the U.S. was 2012 and the powertrain warranty was 7 years or 100,000 miles. 

What does this mean to you? Well, if you have not yet replaced your expired (or expiring) warranty with an extended Suzuki warranty, you should probably consider doing so. No matter how reliable your Suzuki has been, the older it gets and the more miles it has, the more likely it will break down and need repairs! If you do not have an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan in place once your original Suzuki warranty has expired, you have to pay for all repair costs. 

The annual average repair costs for a Suzuki are around $300 – $500, with the high end of the average single repair being over $3,000! Look at two of the most commonly reported Suzuki problems and repairs and their associated costs:

  1. Timing Chain Problems: Multiple models and model years 
    1. Average Cost to Fix: $1,500
    2. Average Mileage: 76,000
  2. Engine Problems: Multiple models and model years 
    1. Average Cost to Fix: $3,000 – $3,500
    2. Average Mileage: 80,000 – 110,00

These two problems are widespread across models and model years, but each Suzuki model has specific problems that are unique to them as well. These include repairs like water pump replacement, alternator replacement, and head gasket replacement – all of which cost $500 or more to repair. Go ahead and use Google to search for the most common repairs and repair costs for your Suzuki and see how much money you might have to spend on repairs in the future. 

Once you have added up those costs, I recommend that you start shopping around for an extended Suzuki warranty or vehicle protection plan! Replacing your expired Suzuki warranty with an extended plan will not only help protect your budget from unexpected large repair bills, but it can also give you the peace of mind of knowing you can afford to repair your Suzuki when it eventually breaks down. 

Have I convinced you yet that you should at least look into an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan? I invite you to start by seeing what autopom! offers. autopom! sells vehicle protection plans that can often pay for themselves with just one large repair bill. When you get a vehicle protection plan from autopom!, you get much more than just repairs. Here are some of the great features and benefits that autopom! offers:

  1. Protection against unplanned auto repair expenses due to mechanical failure after the manufacturer’s warranty expires
  2. Your choice of repair shops
  3. Roadside Assistance (including towing)
  4. Rental Car Assistance
  5. Tire Protection (some plans)
  6. Trip Interruption Reimbursement
  7. Your choice of a variety of plan options in terms of months and mileage
  8. Convenient payment plans
  9. 30 or 60-day money-back guarantee and pro-rated thereafter

Contact autopom! today and let one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents help you find a replacement for your Suzuki warranty! Third-party providers, like autopom!, can give you great coverage for less money than packages offered through car dealerships, so you can have peace of mind and save even more money. And we promise to work with you to find you the best plan for your needs at a competitive price. Also licensed to sell in California! Contact autopom! today!