The New Year is almost here! A new year means new things…new technology, new fashion, new movies…sometimes even a new car! Buying a new car is fun, but figuring out how to sell your old one usually isn’t. Even though most people don’t enjoy the process of selling a car, there are some ways to make selling your car easier.

1. Set the Right Price

Setting the right price is important so you can get the most money possible. However, a well-priced car will help you sell your car more quickly, and hopefully, more easily, while ensuring you get a fair price. The internet makes it easier than ever to research and discover what price is the right price for your car. Kelley Blue Book is an excellent resource to start with, as it will give you a few different price ranges. Next, you will need to check listings for similar vehicles for sale on various websites like and Autotrader. You should also check your local dealerships and places like CarMax and Carvana. People generally expect a lower price when buying from a private party as opposed to a dealership or used car company, but it is helpful to know all of your competition.  

2. Advertise Your Car

Use the internet to your advantage and advertise your car for sale in multiple places. The more people that see your car for sale, the faster and easier it should be to sell it! You don’t even have to spend a penny if you don’t want to. You can advertise your car for free in many more places than just Craigslist.,, and Facebook Marketplace are a few of the high-profile websites where you can list your car for sale for free.  

3. Have an Extended Vehicle Warranty or Vehicle Protection Plan

You may not find this tip in many articles on selling your car. However, it really can help make selling your car easier! First, having a vehicle protection plan will help because having such a plan means you likely have kept up with all of the regular maintenance and your car is probably in good condition. Well-maintained cars in good condition are definitely easier to sell. Second, and perhaps more importantly, many vehicle protection plans from independent providers transfer to the new owner! That’s right! You, as a private-party seller, could potentially sell your car with a used car warranty on it. This means that the buyer of your car has the same peace of mind that you have had, knowing they are taken care of in case of a mechanical breakdown.

Once you’ve sold your car, don’t forget to buy an extended auto warranty or vehicle protection plan for your next car. As always, shop around and do some research to learn more about extended protection and to compare costs. autopom! would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with more information on vehicle protection plans and a free quote.