Get Monthly Payments Refunded!

Would you like to learn how you can get one or more of your monthly payments refunded?

Our rewards program here at autopom! is designed to thank qualifying customers that refer friends and family whom can also benefit from extended coverage for their vehicles.  If you’re eligible for this program , you should have received an email announcing the program.

For each person (see terms below) you refer that purchases a protection plan we will refund a monthly payment!

To ensure you get credit, give your friend or family member the link that was provided in the email with Subject: “Get Monthly Payments Refunded” and ask them to use the form to submit a request for a quote.  If you don’t have the link, please contact our Customer Service.

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How It Works

  • Share your autopom! experience with a friend, family member or client

  • Share the link you were provided by email (subject: “Get Monthly Payments Refunded”)

  • Tell your friend, family member or client to click the link and use the form to request a quote

  • If they purchase a protection plan from autopom! you will be refunded a monthly payment (per the terms below)

  • Allow 5 to 6 weeks for delivery of your check by postal mail

Terms & Conditions

In order to be properly credited for your referral, the referred party must request a quote using your designated referral link (previously sent by email with Subject “Get Monthly Payments Refunded”.  If you need a copy of your link, email or call Customer Service at (800) 724-8141 extension “2”. The rewards program only applies to qualified coverage plans.  If you received an email announcing the referral program, you are eligible to participate our referral program.  If in doubt, please call our Customer Service.  Initial payments, also referred to as down payments or activation fees, which are made to initially set up the policy, are not eligible for the applicable refund.  Rewards are capped at $600 annually and will be paid via check to the address on file. If you need to request the check mailed to an address other than the one on file, please email or call Customer Service at (800) 724-8141 extension 2. Rewards are paid out once the referred party has purchased and has made their first monthly payment.

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