Has your MINI Cooper warranty expired, or will it expire soon? Or did you recently buy a used MINI Cooper? If yes, you may want to replace your expired (or expiring) warranty with a vehicle protection plan or extended warranty!

MINI Coopers can be great cars, and MINI drivers tend to love their cars. Then, why should you consider replacing your MINI Cooper warranty with a vehicle protection plan or extended warranty? Reliability issues and multiple common repair problems are two great reasons. In recent years, MINI’s reliability has suffered, and this is agreed upon by many industry experts like J.D. Powers and Consumer Reports. In fact, MINIs have consistently ranked at or towards the bottom of multiple reliability listings in the last few years. Then there are all the common repair problems for MINIs. According to Haus of MINIs & BMW, a repair shop specializing in MINIs and BMWs, here are just some of the many common problems with MINI Coopers:

  1. Transmission failure
  2. Timing chain noise, aka “the death rattle”
  3. Water pump and thermostat housing leaks
  4. Electric power steering pump failures

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the sound of “death rattle” or how expensive that problem is to fix! As for the other common MINI problems, everyone knows transmission repair is expensive, and leaks and pump failures can cost a pretty penny to diagnose and repair too! Once your MINI Cooper warranty is expired, all of the repair bills associated with these common problems will be your responsibility to pay. Not a pleasant thought.

However, you can keep driving and enjoying your MINI without worrying about expensive repairs bills! It starts with replacing your expired (or expiring) MINI Cooper warranty with a vehicle protection plan from Autopom or an extended warranty from the dealership. A vehicle protection plan from Autopom gives you the peace of mind of knowing you won’t face an unexpected and expensive repair bill. Plus, it can often pay for itself with just one large repair bill.

Have I convinced you to at least research extended protection for your MINI? Then I recommend you consider a vehicle protection plan from autopom! When you get a vehicle protection plan from Autopom, you get much more than just repairs. Here are some of the great features and benefits that autopom! offers:

  1. Protection against unplanned auto repair expenses due to mechanical failure after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.
  2.  Your choice of repair shops
  3. Roadside Assistance (including towing)
  4. Rental Car Assistance
  5. Tire Protection
  6. Trip Interruption Reimbursement
  7. Your choice of a variety of plan options in terms of months and mileage
  8. Convenient payment plans
  9. 30 or 60-day money-back guarantee and pro-rated thereafter

Contact autopom! today and let one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents help you find an alternative to your MINI Cooper warranty! Third party providers, like autopom!, can give you great coverage for less money than packages offered through car dealerships, so you can have peace of mind and save even more money. And we promise to work with you to find you the best plan for your needs at a competitive price. Also licensed to sell in California! Contact autopom! today!