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Mercury Insurance Company and American Mercury Insurance

A Wise Choice For Mechanical Breakdown Protection

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At autopom! we’re proud to represent Mercury Insurance Company, an A rated company by A.M Best. Mercury is a publicly traded stock (NYSE symbol = MCY.) Mercury Insurance Company is financially strong with our 4 billion in assets and has been in the mechanical breakdown business since 1974. Try and find any other company that can match these credentials!

Mercury Insurance Company has been named as one of Americas most trustworthy companies in an article published by Forbes magazine, making it one of only 10 companies to receive this honor 3 years in a row.

Our Mercury program is directly insured (not a third party administrator).  When you by from autopom!, you will be doing business directly with the insurance company.

A few other things to consider:

Coverage – Mercury contracts provide extensive coverage term options including three levels of coverage from which to choose.

Stability of Insurer – Mercury insurance group has been in the service contract business since 1974 and has an excellent reputation.

Claims Handling – Mercury claims adjustors are ASE certified. The toll-free number (800) 654-8455, provides nationwide service and a national credit card account allows for quick and easy payment of claims anywhere.

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If you found this page, you are most likely looking for a reputable agent to quote Mercury extended coverage. Congratulations, you have found us and we’re here to serve you!

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