Do you dislike going to the dealership or repair shop as much as I do? How about paying for an expensive repair bill? I think we can all agree that dealing with car repairs is not on our list of fun things to do! However, they are a fact of life, which is why many people consider both the reliability and repair costs of a car before buying one, even a good old Ford. Ford is one of the great all-American brands, but even Ford fans and owners know that they may not be the best when it comes to repairs. So are Ford repairs expensive?

The Cost of Ford Repairs

In Consumer Reports’ latest automotive reliability ratings, Ford was the highest ranked American brand, but was still in the bottom half of the list, at number 18 of 29. Ouch. That stings a little, doesn’t it? Lower reliability usually means you’ll be spending more time, and money, on repairs. The RepairPal website rates Ford’s reliability as 3.5 out 5 stars. Ford is ranked 20th on their list of 32 brands, putting Ford in the bottom half of this list too.

While people don’t generally think of Ford repairs as being expensive, their costs do seem to be higher than average. According to all the repairs reported to, Ford’s average annual repair cost is $718, which is higher than the $631 average most other models cost. These costs include scheduled maintenance and unscheduled repairs.

Protecting Your Ford

Go to sites like and and research your Ford model and year to see what kinds of repairs and costs you might be facing. If you have not yet bought an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan to replace your Ford warranty, then I urge to look into one.  A Ford extended warranty or vehicle protection plan will help protect you and your Ford once the Ford warranty has expired. Extended protection can pay for many repairs once your original Ford warranty has expired. In fact, a plan like this could possibly pay for itself in just one expensive repair bill. Even more, an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan may give you automotive peace of mind.

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