If you bought your new or used Acura at a dealership, they probably tried to sell you an Acura Extended Warranty. But if you didn’t buy at a dealership, or you ignored that part of the sales pitch, then you may wonder exactly what an Acura extended warranty is? And do you need or want one?

Warranty vs Vehicle Protection Plan

The first thing you should know is that there are actually two types of products that are often called extended car warranties. One truly is an extended warranty which comes directly from the manufacturer and is issued through a dealer. The other, which is what autopom! sells, is actually a vehicle protection plan that can be sold either by the dealer or third-party providers. Although technically different, both products serve the same basic purpose – to provide extended protection for your vehicle. An Acura extended warranty or vehicle protection plan will cover the cost of certain repairs and problems after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires. For the period of time your contract is in effect, you are assured that covered components of your vehicle will be repaired in the event of failure, including the cost of labor; subject to any applicable deductible.

Do I Need an Acura Warranty?

The next thing to address is do you need or want an Acura extended warranty? Only you can answer this for sure. However, if you like the idea of having peace of mind that you won’t face an unexpected large repair bill in the future, 24-hour roadside assistance and rental vehicle reimbursement for when your car is in the shop, then extended protection is probably for you, even though you drive an Acura.

Sure, Acura has a good reputation, especially when it comes to reliability, but Acura vehicles are not infallible. In fact, three of the top five most common problems for Acura vehicles reported to repairpal.com are for transmission issues! Transmission issues are a big deal and are generally expensive to fix. And if you own the 2015 Acura TLX, you better watch out. Carcomplaints.com has given it their Beware of the Clunker Badge due to the numerous transmission problems that are occurring even after the transmissions were recalled and replaced! All of these transmission problems are proof positive that even your trusty Acura could have a major breakdown and cost you a lot of money. Be sure to research your year and model to see some of the common problems and understand the potential repair costs you face once the original warranty expires.

Benefits of autopom!

If you have decided that you would like to learn more, or that an Acura extended warranty or vehicle protection plan is for you, contact autopom! today and let one of our knowledgeable agents help you. We can outline the different plan options, highlight their benefits (nationwide breakdown coverage, rental vehicle assistance, and more!), and offer you a free quote. Contact us today!