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In the market for a Toyota extended warranty? Is your manufacturer's warranty running out? Or perhaps you just bought a new or used Toyota and you're among a growing population of people realizing that you don't have to pay dealer prices for a high-quality extended auto warranty that is backed by a reputable company.

Due to the fact you're reading this article, you're already "ahead of the game" because most people are not even aware that you can purchase an extended vehicle warranty from a third party and get the same or better coverage for a lot less money! In fact, some dealerships purchase our coverage, mark it up substantially, and resell it! Dealerships love our extended warranty coverage because our provider pays the repair facility direct, over-the-phone by credit card.

The best news is that our pricing for an extended warranty for your Toyota can't be beat!

  • Platinum Coverage as low as $500!
  • Plans up to 100,000 miles / 84 months!

*Please bear in mind that pricing varies according to year/make/model/mileage and your state of residence.

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Important Note: Autopom! Insurance Services LLC is a licensed insurance agency (#0I13220) in the state of California (we sell nationwide). Our agents are professional, knowlegeable and courteous. They are here to serve you and will not harass you with high pressure sales techniques. WE WILL NOT share or sell your contact information to any third party!

The biggest challenge you have to selecting an online company for your Nissan extended warranty is finding a reputable company with reasonable pricing.

Is This A Good Fit For Me and My Toyota?

Many people often ask the question - do I even need a Toyota extended warranty? If you plan to keep your car longer than the manufacturer’s warranty and don’t want to end up responsible for costly repairs, then the answer is – YES!

Ultimately, purchasing an extended auto warranty is a personal decision. It is essentially a form of insurance and like all insurance products, you have to buy it BEFORE you need it!

Toyota History

Toyota originally entered the U.S. vehicle market in the 1950's and today is the world's largest automaker based on sales. This has earned Toyota the title of "number one car manufacturer in the world".

The brand also owns Lexus and Scion as well as over 500 subsidiaries worldwide. Toyota is also a leader in the rapidly growing hybrid vehicle market with the Toyota Prius being the best-selling hybrid in the world.

Toyota is the best example of a brand that has come in and swept the nation. Literally everywhere you look Toyota's has become a standard of living for some drivers. Most drivers trust and love their vehicles because of their potential to outlast the competition.

Recent negative publicity related to unintended acceleration,defective brakes and mishandling of numerous complaints has given the brand a black eye. The public relations fiasco ultimately resulted in a recall of over 8.5 million cars. However, the brand apparently has a very loyal customer base because the company reported a 41% sales increase in March 2010 compared to the same month in 2009. This followed an aggressive marketing campaign with deep discounts and incentives.

Toyota Reliability

Most Toyota owners trust and love their vehicles because of their potential to outlast the competition.

My transportation teacher in high school, the person who inspired me to become a technician, owned a Toyota Corolla that is still on the road after over fifteen years. Except for a single electrical issue, the vehicle has had no major work needed and had only wear parts replaced since its ownership.

Before making any decision, research your specific model and year to ensure reliability. Certain models are known to have problems, making the extended protection decision a no-brainer. A good resource to check is

Here are some experiences people from the Edmunds forum have had with their Toyota:

I had a 2007 Toyota Camry that I bought new. After I had it about one year I rolled up the front passenger window and the, window just fell out of the channel. Shortly after that I had a lot of trouble with the tire pressure monitoring system which finally resulted in having the computer replaced. At 40,000 miles I had the water pump replaced.
I had the cable break on 2004 Sienna XLE door and was asked $1800 by the dealer to replace the whole lot, no "cable-only" solutions...
I bought my 2006 2wd Highlander 1/06/06 and 9,500 miles later it needed a new transmission.. it was shifting erratically, no leaks . Whatever the reasons it would seem that Highlanders have transmission issues...

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