Toyota Extended Warranty

Is your manufacturer’s original warranty expiring? Consider purchasing a Toyota Extended Warranty or a vehicle protection plan from Autopom.

What comes to mind when you hear Toyota? Quality? Reliability? Value? I can almost guarantee that you thought of at least one of those words. And it’s true, Toyota is known for all of these things. They are the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world for good reason…they make good cars! In fact, there are many experts and consumers that say Toyotas are some of the most reliable vehicles around.

Well, if Toyota is so good, then why are you reading an article about a Toyota extended warranty? Why would the owner of a reliable Toyota need to buy an extended warranty?  Although it has been some years, you may recall millions of Toyotas that were recalled in 2009 and 2010 and all the various issues that were discovered with Toyota vehicles during that time. Those recalls are proof positive that even a vehicle manufacturer with a long history of reliability can run into major mechanical problems. 

The fact is that nothing manufactured is 100% fail safe. Any vehicle, no matter who makes it, can have defects or mechanical issues. Even if a vehicle is 99% fail safe, it is quite difficult to determine what the 1% is that is going to have issues. Could it be the air conditioning? Could it be the transmission? Or maybe the engine or the power windows? Whatever the issue, it is YOU that will be stuck with the bill when it happens, unless you get a Toyota extended
warranty or car protection plan from Autopom!

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Pushing the recall issue aside, another reason extended coverage is a good idea is that today's Toyotas are more complex than ever before. There are safety systems, engine computers and electronics that are all wonderful things, but they can also be very expensive to troubleshoot and repair. As mentioned above, what if the power window goes out on the driver's door? This seemingly simple part of a Toyota consists of a motor, engine computer, switches, and jam protection circuitry. The cost to replace the motor could very well be more than the cost of a Toyota extended warranty. The advanced technology that is available in Toyotas today means that more expertise and time are needed to diagnose and repair many of the issues that can occur with a vehicle, which means a higher repair bill for you.
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