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Frequently asked questions. If the answer isn't here don't hesitate to give us a call or send an email! We're always here to help!


I have had good luck with my vehicle so far. Do I really need a Vehicle Protection Plan?
A Vehicle Protection Plan will help ensure that your vehicle is kept in the best repair condition and it can save you substantial amounts of money in the event of mechanical failure during the term of your coverage. Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex. Consequently, a single major repair typically can cost more than the cost of mechanical breakdown coverage. A Vehicle Protection Plan provides you with "peace of mind".
I'm still covered by the manufacturer. Why not wait until later to purchase a Vehicle Protection Plan?
The pricing of our vehicle protection plans is based on mileage, age, and other factors. The sooner you purchase your coverage, the less it will cost. Plus:
  • As your vehicle gets older, the price for protection increases and the available terms of coverage (months/miles) decreases.
  • You run the risk of becoming ineligible for coverage the longer you wait.
  • Pricing may increase over time.
Lock in today's plan pricing and protect yourself from tomorrow's rising repair rates. Click here for a FREE quote.
Can I buy this same type of coverage through my dealer?
Yes, you can. But be aware that this type of coverage offered through dealerships varies widely and what is covered and what is not covered is determined by the language in the contract. Some contracts are better than others so read the agreement! For example, a typical dealer contract term is that you must have repairs done at the dealership. Whereas, service contracts purchased through autopom! are recognized at any licensed repair facility nationwide. In addition, your vehicle protection plan from autopom! includes other valuable benefits such as:
  • Rental Car Assistance
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance (including towing)
  • Tire Protection (some contracts)
  • Trip Interruption

For a complete list of features and benefits, click here. Bring us your competitive quote and let us go to work for you! Click here for a FREE quote.
How much does a Vehicle Protection Plan cost?
It depends on year/make/model/mileage and state of residence. The quickest way to answer this question is to give us a call at (800) 724-8141 OR Click here for a FREE quote. One of our Coverage Consultant's will be happy to assist you with a quote.
How do I purchase a Vehicle Protection Plan?
Start with a FREE quote. Simply provide us with your vehicle and contact information by completing this form or calling (800) 724-8141. One of our friendly autopom! Coverage Consultants will be standing by to answer all your questions.  A quote will be sent by email along with a brochure and sample policy or contract.  Coverage can be put into effect over the phone in just a few minutes.  If you decide to move forward, be sure to have your VIN (vehicle identification number) and exact mileage handy.
Am I obligated to purchase a Vehicle Protection Plan if I request a quote?
There is no obligation to buy from us. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a competitive quote and to assist you with finding a coverage plan that is right for you. Click here for a FREE quote.
What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
Depending upon the plan you've chosen, we offer a guarantee! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please refer to the terms of your service contract.  Click here for a FREE quote.


What is my responsibility for maintaining my vehicle if I purchase a vehicle protection plan?
You are required to have all of the manufacturer's recommended service and maintenance for your vehicle completed by an authorized licensed repair/service facility. Please be sure to keep verifiable receipts and work orders indicating the date, mileage and service performed.
What are the most important things to remember after I purchase a Vehicle Protection Plan?

If you experience a breakdown, have the service manager at the repair facility call the administrator before any repair work is started on your vehicle.

  • Change your oil and filters on a regular basis
  • Perform other recommended maintenance
  • Keep your receipts for your records and to prove proper maintenance in the event of a claim.
Can I transfer my Vehicle Protection Plan if I sell my vehicle?
for a fee. This feature may increase the resale value of your vehicle and may enable you to find a buyer easier. The fee amount depends upon your specific plan and state of residence.
What if I trade in my vehicle?
If you decide to trade in your vehicle (with a dealership), call our 800 number and we will calculate a pro-rated refund.
What if I want to cancel my contract/policy?
You're entitled to a full refund during the first 30 or 60 days (depending upon chosen plan).  Afterwards you're entitled to a pro-rated refund of the unused portion of your coverage agreement.  Your contract/policy contains full details on our refund provisions.
What happens when my Vehicle Protection Plan expires?
Depending on the year, make, model and other factors, you may be able to purchase a new Vehicle Protection Plan. Otherwise, your coverage expires according to the plan/term you purchased. To determine if your vehicle qualifies, simply submit your request for quote here or give us a call at (800) 724-8141.
Does your plan include a "waiting period"? When does my Vehicle Protection Plan become effective?
For used vehicles, there is a 30 day / 1000 mile waiting period, however, there are some variations to this so be sure to ask an autopom! coverage consultant.


Are vehicles with pre-existing conditions covered?
No. Benefits are not provided for a condition which can be shown to have existed prior to the effective date of the contract.
If my vehicle is out of the manufacturer's warranty, can I still get coverage?
You may still be eligible to purchase a Vehicle Protection Plan depending on the age, mileage, purchase date and other factors.  For your protection and peace of mind, autopom! has plans for vehicles up to 14 model years old. Click here for a FREE quote or call (800) 724-8141 to speak with an autopom! Coverage Consultant.
What is the oldest a vehicle can be and the maximum mileage I can have on my car and still be eligible for coverage?
We have Vehicle Protection Plans available for most vehicles up to 14 model years with no maximum mileage requirement.  Click here for a FREE quote or call (800) 724-8141 to speak with an autopom! Coverage Consultant.
I bought a used car from a private party, can I get coverage?
You are eligible for the same coverage no matter who you purchase the vehicle from.
Under what circumstances is a vehicle inspection required prior to enrollment?
A vehicle inspection is NOT required in order to purchase our plans. If you meet our underwriting guidelines and are able to obtain a quote from one of our coverage consultants, your vehicle is eligible. Please keep in mind, that benefits are not provided for a condition which can be shown to have existed prior to the effective date of the contract/policy.
Do you provide coverage for new as well as used vehicles?
Yes. If your vehicle qualifies, we provide coverage for both new and pre-owned vehicles. The vehicle's age, mileage, and other factors will determine the coverage that is available.
Do you provide coverage for SUV's and trucks?
Yes. Most SUV's and most trucks/vans one ton and under qualify for extended service plans. To see if your vehicle qualifies, simply click here for a Free quote or speak to one of our friendly autopom! Coverage Consultants at (800) 724-8141.
Do you provide coverage for one-ton vehicles?
Yes, most one-ton vehicles are eligible for coverage! To see if your vehicle qualifies, simply: 

  • Submit your vehicle information here
  • Speak to one of our friendly autopom! Coverage Consultants at (800) 724-8141
Are light commercial-use vehicles eligible for coverage?
Yes, light commercial-use vehicles are eligible for coverage for an additional surcharge.  To see if your vehicle qualifies, simply click here for a free quote or speak to one of our friendly autopom! Coverage Consultants at (800) 724-8141.
What vehicles are ineligible for a Vehicle Protection Plan?
Examples of excluded vehicles include:
  • Limited Production
  • Exotic, High Performance Vehicles such as Bentley, Lamborghini or Maserati
  • Modified or Concept Vehicles
  • Gray Market Vehicles
  • Any vehicle with a "salvage", "junk", "flood damage" or "reconstructed" title
  • Any vehicle where the odometer has been altered in any way
  • Any vehicle that has been declared a "lemon"
  • Any vehicle with a known failure at the time of sale
  • Any vehicle that does not have a valid manufacturer VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Any vehicle with engine, transmission, drive axle, frame, suspension, emissions and/or exhaust modifications
  • Any vehicle with a "Lift Kit" installed or oversized tires
To see if your vehicle qualifies, simply submit your vehicle information here or speak to one of our friendly autopom! coverage consultants at (800) 724-8141.


Do I have to go back to my original dealer for repairs?
You can take your vehicle to an authorized licensed repair facility of your choice in the US and Canada.
What if I'm not near my home when my vehicle breaks down?
You can take your vehicle to a licensed repair facility throughout the United States and Canada.  You may also be eligible for trip interruption reimbursement for room and board.  Your contract or policy will provide claims procedures and (800) numbers.
What if I break down after hours?
Most of our contracts/policies do require authorization prior to beginning repair work.  Some contracts/policies do allow for limited repairs to be made on an emergency basis after hours.   Check your contract/policy for specific details.
How much is my deductible?
The deductible varies depending upon the plan and program quoted. Lower deductibles are available for an additional charge. Be sure to ask your autopom! coverage consultant for deductible options.
Is the deductible per repair or per visit?
Your deductible (if any) is applied per repair visit.  So, if for example, you have three different components repaired during one visit to the repair facility, you will incur only one deductible.  Click here for a FREE quote.
What happens if my repair facility or dealership does not want to accept your plan?
Repair facilities and dealerships are generally eager to accept the business we refer to them. In the rare event that a dealer does not accept our coverage plans, we suggest that you take your vehicle to another facility that does.
Can I do my own repairs?
No. Repairs must be performed at an authorized licensed repair facility.
If I have a claim on my vehicle, what is the procedure?

If your vehicle needs repair, drive it (if necessary, have it towed) to an authorized licensed repair facility of your choice and present your contract/policy to the service department. The repair facility will call our claims administrator to receive repair authorization for all your covered repairs. Claims are paid directly to the repair facility via our corporate credit card (you do not pay "out of pocket" except for your deductible).

The following is a generalized summary of the procedure:

  • Take your vehicle to a licensed service facility in the United States or Canada.
  • Give the service manager your Vehicle Protection Plan information.
  • The service manager will determine the necessary repairs and should call the Plan Administrator to obtain a repair authorization number before any repairs are made.
  • After repairs are completed, the service facility will ask you to authorize the repair order with your signature. He will then fax the authorized repair order to the Plan Administrator.
  • The Plan Administrator will pay the service facility via corporate credit card.
  • If applicable, you pay only your deductible for covered repairs.


Are parts, labor and applicable taxes covered?
Per contract/policy terms and conditions, our plans pay for the repair of covered components including parts, labor, and applicable taxes less any deductible that may apply.  Payment for parts and labor are based on published list prices and established industry time and labor guides.  Check your contract/policy specific details.  Click here for a FREE quote.
Does your Mechanical Breakdown Protection Plan cover "Wear and Tear"?
Per the terms of the contract, our plans will cover a part that has worn beyond the "Manufacturer's Tolerance" and has resulted in a verifiable covered mechanical breakdown.
Are maintenance items such as oil changes and brake pads covered?
Do you cover damage due to overheating?
Per the terms of the contract or policy, we pay for the repair of covered components that are the cause of overheating. Damage to other components caused by overheating may not be covered if due to negligence.  When your instrument lights indicate overheating you must pull over immediately and call for towing to prevent damage to the engine.  Click here for a FREE quote.
Are seals and gaskets covered?
Per the terms and conditions of the contract/policy, seals and gaskets that require replacement in conjunction with another covered component are covered.  Seals and gaskets are covered on a stand-alone basis with exclusionary type plans. Named-component type plans may or may not cover seals and gaskets on a stand-alone basis.  Ask your autopom! coverage consultant or see your service contract/policy for details.
What are the exclusions?
Exclusions vary depending upon the type of coverage selected however the following items are typically excluded with most plans we offer:

  • Consumable items (brake pads & rotors, shocks, struts, belts, hoses, light bulbs, batteries
  • Maintenance items (oil & filter changes, other recommended periodic service)
  • Muffler & exhaust, catalytic converter, emissions, air bags, safety restraint systems, convertible tops


What assurance do I have that my claim will be paid in the future?
Our plans are underwritten by Standard Guaranty Insurance Company or Mercury Insurance Company.  Both are A rated insurance companies.  You can be confident that your claims will be paid per the terms of your contract or policy.  Check our coverage plans page to find the sample contract for your specific provider.
Are your Mechanical Breakdown Protection plans insured?
Our vehicle protection plans are underwritten by Standard Guaranty Insurance Company or Mercury Insurance Company.  Both are rated A (Excellent) by AM Best Company.  Check our coverage plans page to find the sample contract for your specific provider.


What is a Vehicle Protection Plan?
A Vehicle Protection Plan is mechanical breakdown insurance in California.  In most other states nationwide, it is a vehicle service contract. In both cases, it is commonly referred to as an "Extended Warranty".  A vehicle protection plan is not a warranty however, it does provide mechanical breakdown repair coverage for your vehicle after your manufacturer warranty expires.  For the period of time the contract is in effect and per the terms of your contract/policy, you are assured that covered components of your vehicle will be repaired in the event of failure, including parts and labor, subject to any applicable deductible.  Click here for a FREE quote.
What does it mean to be "Under Original Manufacturer's Warranty"?
In order for your vehicle to be considered "under manufacturer's warranty", your vehicle must have at least one day and one mile remaining on the original factory warranty provided to you by your vehicle's manufacturer. Click here for a FREE quote.
What is the "Original Manufacturer's Warranty?"
The original manufacturer's warranty is the full, original warranty that is provided by the manufacturer for a new vehicle. A typical original manufacturer's warranty is limited to 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.
What is the "In-Service" date?
The in-service date of a vehicle, also known as the manufacturer's warranty start date, is the date the manufacturer's factory warranty went into effect, generally, the original purchase date of the vehicle when it was brand new.
Where is my Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?
Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be located in any of the following places.

  • On your vehicle Insurance Card
  • On a tag on the dashboard
  • On a sticker that is attached to the driver-side door edge
  • On your vehicle registration
What is the definition of a "Light Commercial-Use" vehicle?
Business/commercial use means the use of your vehicle for purposes other than personal and private use. Some examples of business/commercial use are farming, ranching, deliveries, construction, rodeo, etc. Click here for a FREE quote.
What is the difference between a "Named Exclusion" plan and a "Named Component" plan?
These are the two primary types of extended service plans.

Named Exclusion: The most comprehensive extended vehicle protection plan. In this plan, every component is included unless a component is specifically named to be excluded.

Named Component: Vehicle Protection Plan: Only the parts that are specifically named are covered.

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