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Properly Called A Vehicle Protection Plan As Sold by Autopom

Is your manufacturer’s original warranty expiring or did you just buy a used Nissan?  Consider purchasing a Nissan Extended Warranty or a vehicle protection plan from Autopom.

 Like all of the Japanese vehicle manufacturers, Nissan enjoys a fairly solid reputation for reliability. In fact, the average Nissan can be driven about 195,000 miles before it loses all of its value.  That is a lot of miles! So if you’ve decided to buy a new or used Nissan, you have probably made a good decision. That does not mean, however, that you should not consider a Nissan Extended Warranty or a vehicle protection plan from Autopom.

 Nissans are far from perfect when it comes to reliability. According to the J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study (which examines problems experienced during the past 12 months by original owners of three-year-old vehicles), Nissans experienced 142 problems per 100 vehicles, which is nine problems more than the industry average of 133. That means that currently, in spite of the notion that Nissans are reliable, they are actually slightly less reliable than the average vehicle! Be sure to note that those 142 problems are within the first three years, when things really should not be going wrong. 

 Can you imagine what you might run into after three years, which is also when the manufacturer warranty has almost certainly run out? This is where a Nissan Extended Warranty or a vehicle protection plan from Autopom could really come in handy, giving you peace of mind and saving you money! Of course, different years and models from Nissan can have greatly different degrees of reliability, so be sure to research your specific Nissan to ensure you make the right decision for you and your budget.

 For example, you will unquestionably want to consider extended protection if you own or are about to buy a 2013 Nissan Altima.  According to

 “The 2013 Nissan Altima is showing multiple early problem trends, prompting us to give it our ‘beware of this clunker’ badge.

 Owners are complaining about a whining noise from the power steering pump and a concerning amount vibration related to the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). Not to mention constant windshield problems that appear to be the result of poor design.”

 Hopefully this information has convinced you to further consider a Nissan extended warranty from the dealership or vehicle protection plan from Autopom for your new or used Nissan. To help you get started on your research, below are many great reasons why a plan from Autopom can be a sensible option for you:

 1. Nationwide Breakdown Coverage and Choice of Repair Facility: With a vehicle protection plan from Autopom, you get to choose your own repair facility, which means you can go to the trusted dealership or mechanic of your choice (anywhere in the US)!

 2. Peace of Mind: You will have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that you are covered in the case of a mechanical breakdown and you won’t need to worry about large repair bills lurking in your future!

 3. Additional Benefits: If you get a vehicle protection plan from Autopom, it includes 24-hour roadside assistance (towing, lost key/lock-out services, emergency fuel service, jump start, flat tire, etc.) rental car assistance and trip interruption reimbursement. In the event of a breakdown, all you have to do is make one phone call to get it handled!

 4. Resale Advantage: A vehicle protection plan from Autopom is transferrable. This means that when it’s time to sell your vehicle, the extended coverage goes with it, which can be an advantage when you go to sell your vehicle and can increase the resale value.

 5. Direct Payment:  Payment is made directly to the repair facility so there is no out-of-pocket expense (except deductible, if applicable).

 6. Convenient Payment Plans:  All plans can be put into force over the phone with a small down payment and up to 24 monthly installments.

 7. Money Back Guarantee:  30 day money back guarantee (some plans have 60 days).  After the initial 30 or 60 day period you can cancel at any time with a pro-rated refund.

A vehicle protection plan from Autopom can often pay for itself in just one auto repair bill and will give you the assurance that your vehicle will be well taken care of if a mechanical breakdown happens. Autopom can provide you great extended mechanical breakdown protection with additional benefits for less money than packages typically offered through car dealerships, so you can have peace of mind and save money too! Contact Autopom for a quote today!


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