Nissan Extended Warranty

Properly Called A Vehicle Protection Plan As Sold by Autopom

In the market for a Nissan Extended Warranty? Is your manufacturer's warranty running out? Or perhaps you just bought a new or used Nissan and you're among a growing population of people realizing that you don't have to pay dealer prices for a high-quality extended auto warranty that is backed by a reputable company.

Due to the fact you're reading this article, you're already "ahead of the game" because most people are not even aware that you can purchase an extended vehicle warranty from a third party and get the same or better coverage for a lot less money! In fact, some dealerships purchase our coverage, mark it up substantially, and resell it! Dealerships love our extended warranty coverage because our provider pays the repair facility direct, over-the-phone by credit card.

The best news is that our pricing for an extended warranty for your Nissan can't be beat!

  • Platinum Coverage as low as $700!
  • Plans up to 100,000 miles / 84 months!

*Please bear in mind that pricing varies according to year/make/model/mileage and your state of residence.

Important Note: Autopom! Insurance Services LLC is a licensed insurance agency (#0I13220) in the state of California (we sell nationwide). Our agents are professional, knowlegeable and courteous. They are here to serve you and will not harass you with high pressure sales techniques. WE WILL NOT share or sell your contact information to any third party!

The biggest challenge you have to selecting an online company for your Nissan extended warranty is finding a reputable company with reasonable pricing.


Is This A Good Fit For Me and My Nissan?

Many people often ask the question - do I even need to extend my Nissan warranty? If you plan to keep your car longer than the manufacturer’s warranty and don’t want to end up responsible for costly repairs, then the answer is – YES!

Ultimately, purchasing an extended auto warranty is a personal decision. It is essentially a form of insurance and like all insurance products, you have to buy it BEFORE you need it!

Nissan Reliability

Before making any decision, research your specific model and year to ensure reliability. Certain models are known to have problems, making the extended protection decision a no-brainer. A good resource to check is

Here are some experiences people from the Edmunds forum have had with their Nissan:

"Ok, just picked up an 08 Altima for my daughter with 50,000 miles"...Not a good idea. My brother bought one for his daughter and needed a new engine within a year at less than 80k miles.
My daughter had her 2008 Altima towed to the dealer; the dealer told me that he tried to reprogram her computer in her car but could not. So he said that her wiring harness and censors need to be replaced and that is would cost me $2000.00. My question is just happen over night because I was just with her in Florida and her car seemed fine. And two weeks later there telling me to cough up $2000.00. Help please

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