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    Mechanical Breakdown Protection

    By Michael Jones

    Fotolia_51289557_XSNo one likes the stress caused by an unexpected breakdown of your vehicle. Having a Mechanical Breakdown protection plan can put your mind at ease knowing you have the protection you need whenever is necessary.

    Commonly called an "extended vehicle warranty" or "auto repair warranty", when sold by a company other than the manufacturer, the product is considered a vehicle service contract or mechanical breakdown protection depending on the state you live in. For simplicity, we will use the term "mechanical breakdown protection".

    Benefits Of Mechanical Breakdown Protection

    Vehicles these days are known to be more complex, and most often, include specialized features that can be very costly to repair. With the costs of labor and parts on the rise, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on unexpected repairs for your vehicle while also facing the hassles caused by breakdowns. A Mechanical Breakdown Protection plan will be there when needed and will give you the security of knowing that you are covered for towing expenses, roadside assistance, food and hotel costs if you're left high and dry away from home, and rental car reimbursement so you can still live your life while you are waiting for your vehicle to be repaired.

    While Mechanical Breakdown Protection plans offer many benefits, not all contracts or policies are eqivalent. To prevent unpleasant experiences and get the most for your money, you should follow some simple advice that will gaurantee you are getting the best coverage.

    Take The Time To Shop Around

    The first, and most essential, piece of advice is to take the time to shop around and compare. Doing your homework in advance can save you a lot of disappointments and headaches down the road. When your vehicle breaks down, you don't want to learn that your coverage is not as inclusive as you thought or that your deductible is much higher than you expected.

    When it comes to Mechanical Breakdown Protection, it is important to think about the reliability and strength of the provider or underwriter. How long have they been in business, are they financially stable, and do they have a reputation for being honoring claims and being professional? Be sure your dealing with an A rated carrier and get feedback from others about their experiences with the company.

    Your Needs And Expectations

    Prior to determining which Mechanical breakdown protection plan is best, you must establish your needs and expectations, along with what choices you would like to have included in the agreement or contract. Does your vehicle have lots of specialized systems or features? Do you travel a lot or are you wanting the flexibility to choose your own service facilities? With each plan, it is crucial to ask about benefits and the added costs for any extras that you may want to include. Compare dealer/manufacturer Mechanical Breakdown Protection plans with third party service contracts to see which is best for your situation and lifestyle.

    Consider the Cost

    When looking to buy a Mechanical Breakdown Protection plan, the last piece of advice is to consider the cost. Prices can vary drastically between carriers for very similar coverage, so obtaining several quotes could save you lots of money. Remember, though, to compare apples with apples. The lowest price is not always the best choice, especially if it doesn't include all the features of the other plans. So you need to look vigilantly at what your getting for your money and determine if the cost is worth the investment.

    If you decide that mechanical breakdown protection is the right option for you, I invite you to consider Autopom.

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