Mercedes Extended Warranty

Extend your manufacturer's expiring (or expired) warranty with a Vehicle Protection Plan from Autopom!

Worried_stranded_woman-2Are you currently looking for a Mercedes Extended Warranty? When looking at these luxury vehicles, an extended warranty should definitely be a consideration. These vehicles have been known for being the epitome of style and refinement, yet for some reason, the reliability ratings for some models have been disappointing.

The vehicle may last for a very long time, however if you are spending your days in and out of a repair facility, spending most of your savings on fixing up different items in the vehicle, the inconvenience may not be worth the luxury and prestige the brand brings to the table. Luckily, you can get a vehicle protection plan from a third-party provider, such as Autopom, and get comprehensive coverage for your vehicle to protect your investment past the manufacturers original warranty.

The best news is that our reputation and coveage cannot be beat!

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  • You can take your vehicle to your Mercedes dealership or any licensed repair facility for repairs.

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Mercedes Innovations

  • First internal combustion car (1886)
  • First car to have 4-wheel brakes (1924)
  • First Diesel production car (1936)
  • First car to have "Crumple Zones" (1951)
  • First car company to offer ABS (1978)
  • First car company to offer Airbags (1988)
  • First car company to offer ESP Electronic Stability Program (1995)
  • First car company to offer Brake Assist (1997)

It's said that "if you want to see what the future holds for the modern car, just have a look at what Mercedes is doing". And, if you look at today's MB, you'll find some pretty amazing features.

There's a night vision system...that works. There's a driver alertness sensor that can bring the car to a stop...if you decide to have a nap, while driving. There's even radar guided cruise you won't have to pay attention when you're on the freeway. It's truly unbelievable just how advanced these cars are.

But, you still might be wondering "why should I buy a Mercedes extended warranty or a Vehicle Protection Plan from Autopom!?" Well, keep reading.

Mercedes' Cutting Edge Features:

Distronic: This is a radar guided cruise control, that uses 2 short-range radar sensors, and 1 long-range sensor to calculate the distance of the cars in front of you. The car's computer uses both the throttle, and the brakes to keep you at a predetermined distance from the car in front of you. If the car in front stops, your Merc will apply its own brakes...and stop itself.

Cool system, but some of it's computer parts can fail, costing upwards of $1,000 to repair.

7-Speed Automatic Transmission: While the new 7-speed transmission offers unbelievable fuel economy, it's also unbelievably complicated. It uses a series of sensors, a computer, hydraulic pumps and gears to provide such high gearing. Some of these internal parts are known to fail early, requiring a trained technician to disassemble the transmission and replace the offending parts.

Modules: Here's a partial list of expensive "Modules" that tend to go bad;

  • Door Control Module
  • Seat Control Module
  • Climate Control Module
  • Active Body Control Module
  • Engine Control Module

The reason that modern Mercedes' are so advanced, is the technology. These cars have a sensor for EVERYTHING. You even have separate computers to control various functions of the car (as demonstrated by the list above). Some models can have as many as 140 individual motors to power all of the accessories! So, can you imagine how much money that you might be spending on repairs, once the warranty runs out?

Mercedes Reliability

Prior to any decisions, make so to do your due diligence, and do a little bit of research on the particular model and year of your vehicle to ensure its dependability. One of many good resources to investigate is  Another resource that every MB owner should know about is the forum.  

Do I Really Need a Mercedes Extended Warranty?

When looking at these luxury vehicles, you wouldn't think that anything could possibly fail after being incorporated with cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art safety features built into every design. Unfortunatly, there is no such thing as a trouble free car. Even the best, most reliable vehicle will break down and need a repair every once in a while. With this knowledge, and the knowledge that luxury cars generally cost more to repair than any other type of vehicle on the market, obtaining a vehicle protection plan from Autopom is a great investment that can save you money and stress over time. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your can relax in luxury without ever needing to give a second thought to the high costs of repairs. 

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