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Mazda_Core_PageAre you currently looking for a Mazda extended warranty? The current warranty about to expire, or perhaps already has? If you are in the market for an extended warranty, then know that you don't have to purchase extended warranty coverage directly from the dealership! Instead, you have the ability to purchase an amazingly high-quality vehicle protection plan backed by a reliable, trustworthy, reputable company. 

Unfortunatly, most people have never been informed of their ability to purchase a vehicle protection plan from a third-party and receive similar or greater coverage that you can take to and licensed repair facility to have work done! Dealership repair centers especially love our protection plans, as the providers will pay for all approved claims directly, over the phone as soon as the claim has been approved.

To top it all off, the best news out of all of this is that our pricing for an extended warranty for your Mazda just can not be beat!

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Important Note: Autopom! Insurance Services LLC is a licensed insurance agency (#0I13220) in the state of California (and we sell nationwide). Our agents are professional, knowlegeable and courteous. They are here to serve you and will not harass you with high pressure sales techniques. WE WILL NOT share or sell your contact information to any third party!

The biggest challenge you have to selecting an online company for your Mazda extended warranty is finding a reputable company with reasonable pricing.

Mazda History

Mazda, a Japanese car maker, was founded in Japan in 1920 and formally entered the North American market in 1970. Mazda formed a partnership with the Ford Motor Company when they hit fiancial trouble ten years later. During Ford's own financial troubles in 2008, Mazda bought back most of Ford's shares in its company. Mazda produces stylish and sporty cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs at a relatively affordable price. A key differentiating development for Mazda has been the rotary engine as developed for the famed RX-7.

Mazda Reliability

My first vehicle was an early 1990's Mazda truck. It was a small, fuel-efficient 4x4 that was absolutely great during the winter. Similar to the experiences of customers I had dealt with, my Mazda had proved to be an excellent vehicle. Although I'll admit I was constantly making small repairs.

Statistically, Mazda doesn't stack up quite as well as its competition in terms of reliability. Most 2008/2009 Mazda vehicles average 3/5 stars in terms of initial quality and predicted reliability according to J.D. Power.

There is quite a bit of speculation that the Mazda3 and the Protégé were sources of the brand's plummet in reliability reputation. Drivers of these cars have issues with a range of parts from airbag and fuel sensors to other problems like noises and power losses.

Despite some obvious shortcomings, Mazda drivers typically love their vehicles. Even those who have encountered major problems feel like they've got their money's worth from a fun to drive vehicle.

Here are some experiences people from the Edmunds forum have had with their Mazda:

Typically but not only when travelling at high speed, the automatic transmission of my 2008 Mazda 3 shifts down from the 5th to the 3rd gear. This causes the car to jerk violently and the controls to illuminate including check engine, no traction and AT. My mechanic could not find a cause of this, and he serviced the transmission by changing the filter and transmission fluid but the problem persists. He suggested that the transmission needs to be rebuilt.
I have a 2008 Mazda 3 automatic with 28k miles on it. I went to my mechanic complaining of a metal-on-metal hissing sound which was finally diagnosed as the transmission needing to be repaired due to gear damage. I do not drive a lot, and I am a very calm, reasonable driver. I don't drive super fast (if only to keep my fuel efficiency under control). 

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