Mazda Extended Warranty

Is your manufacturer’s original warranty expiring? Consider purchasing a Mazda Extended Warranty or a vehicle protection plan from Autopom.



mazda-1It seems that every car brand has its own set of fans, and Mazda is no exception. Although Mazda may not win as many accolades as Honda or Toyota, and certainly does not sell as many cars, they are still a popular brand and a solid contender in the automotive industry. Whereas Honda and Toyota can be a bit more generic, Mazda has its own sense of style and identity. Many people like Mazda vehicles because they offer good value, practicality and quality, but with a sporty look and feel. As an example, Mazda has even managed to make their compact crossover SUV, the CX-5, look and feel sporty, an unusual feat for its class!


So, if you own a Mazda, you might be wondering if it needs a Mazda Extended Warranty or a vehicle protection plan from Autopom. Only you can answer that question for sure, but there are many factors to consider. The first thing to consider is if having extended protection would give you peace of mind. If the answer is yes, then you can stop reading and start finding the best plan for you! If you’re still not sure, then consider the reliability of your Mazda. Although Mazda continues to score just above industry average in reliability ratings, their vehicles are far from perfect. Google Mazda problems and you will find plenty of reasons to worry about a large repair bill in your future. According to, the Mazda3 has the most reported problems of all the models. And the number one reported problem is premature clutch failure. That is certainly not a cheap fix!

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You can look at to find costs for your Mazda model, but here is a list of common repair costs for the overall brand:

Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement $196 - 749

Strut/Shock Absorber Replacement - Front $127 - 892

Clutch Replacement $532 - 2,063

Head Gasket(s) Replacement $571 - 3,050

Brake Pad(s) Replacement $93 - 364

Did you notice the costs of just over $2,000 and $3,000 for the top range of replacing the clutch or head gasket? Ouch! That is a lot of money. A Mazda extended warranty or vehicle protection plan from Autopom could very likely pay for itself with a larger repair like those.

Are you convinced yet? If not, keep looking around for more information on common problems and repair costs for the year and model of your Mazda. Chances are good that you will see how a Mazda extended warranty from the dealership or vehicle protection plan from Autopom will benefit your Mazda.


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