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GMCLooking for a warranty for your new or used GMC? You've taken the first step towards automotive peace of mind. A majority of the population are unaware of their ability to acquire an extended vehicle warranty from a third party and get the equal or greater coverage that you can take anywhereto any licensed, accredited repair facility for repairs! We have come to find that dealerships love the extended warranty coverage we provide, as our providers pay approved repairs direct, over-the-phone by credit card.

The best news is that our reputation and coveage cannot be beat!

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The biggest challenge you have to selecting an online company for your GMC extended warranty is finding a reputable company with reasonable pricing. 

Is This A Good Fit For Me and My GMC?

Many people often ask the question - do I even need a GMC extended warranty? If you plan to keep your car longer than the manufacturer’s warranty and don’t want to end up responsible for costly repairs, then the answer is – YES!

Risk Tolerance

Some people have a high tolerance for risk and do not worry about "what might happen" tomorrow "C'est la vie" they say. Other people need some degree of peace of mind. Some say that this the main thing that extended mechanical breakdown protection provides - peace of mind. You probably know which type of person you are.

Financial Ability To Cover Unexpected Repairs

If you happen to be in a financial position that will allow you to pay for your own GMC repairs without breaking the budget then you may not need extended protection. This is called being self-insured. On the other hand, if an unexpected repair would seriously disrupt the family budget then you might want to consider the extra coverage.

GMC History

GM purchased a truck company to develop General Motors Truck Company in 1909. This later became simply GMC Truck. GMC is the brand name for trucks, vans and SUVs sold by General Motors. In an effort to keep up with growing consumer demand, GMC has also expanded to include hybrid drive systems. During GM's restructure in 2009, GMC narrowly avoided the axe with sister brand Pontiac. GMC was preserved.

GMC Reliability

Although GMC is often regarded as a “strong, reliable American brand” there is still a basic need for extra protection. One of the biggest factors in determining the relative need for either the GMC extended warranty or vehicle service contract is vehicle reliability. Although GMC trucks and vans have a strong reputation for quality, this is somewhat offset by high part cost. For example, the average transmission replacement on the Acadia costs $4000.

The Sierra, which is basically marketed as a “high class” version of the Chevrolet Silverado, has seen about as much success as its Chevy counterpart.There are a lot of complaints from owner of both types of trucks about the steering and suspension. Drivers often have several alignment problems, take that from someone who not only worked on them but also owned one.

The Acadia, another popular GMC model, also has a fairly solid record for reliability, but has a very expensive parts list, with only a simple alternator replacement sometimes costing upwards of $800.

Before making any decision, research your specific model and year to ensure reliability. Certain models are known to have problems, making the extended protection decision a no-brainer. A good resource to check is

Here are some experiences people from the Edmunds forum have had with their GMC:

I own a 2008 GMC Acadia. The 5yr warranty expired 8 mos ago. It has less than 49k miles. I'm awaiting final diagnosis from dealer but early signs indicate detonation in transmission. Dealer recommended new transmission (vice rebuilding) because they've seen this recurring problem. Dealer won't cover cost because it's past 5yr warranty. Dealer wants $4200 to replace transmission...
Last November (2012) I purchased a used 2009 Denali 6.2 with 39,000 miles from a Cincinnati GMC dealer. I now have 44000 miles on it and below this is what I have had to have fixed. I can not hardly believe it to be normal for these items due to age and mileage of car and the only thing the dealer here can say is that it is a higher end SUV and they just cost more to maintain. Is this reasonable?
  1. November, replaced battery (Dealer covered, but at 39K miles?)
  2. November, CD/DVD player internal optical head moves when key is off and sitting. I noticed it early one morning when I opened the door. Dealer said this could be normal. I don't buy it.
  3. January (ish), Turn signal audible notification quit working, 1/2 radio speakers (only front) quit working intermittently.
  4. March, hooked up boat trailer for the first time and brake lights on trailer did not work. Had to replace another computer. Replaced a $700 dollar computer.
  5. June, Service AirBag Message is now displaying.
  6. June, Volt guage reading 15+ volts. 

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