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Properly Called A Vehicle Protection Plan As Sold by Autopom

Looking for a Ford Extended Warranty? Is your original warranty about to expire? Maybe you recently bought Ford  (new or used) and have realized that you don't have to pay dealer prices to get first-rate vehicle protection plan from a trustworthy company.

Unfortunatly, most people are not aware you can go to a third party to buy a vehicle protection plan, and that you can get similar or mabye even better coverage for a lower cost! In fact, some dealerships purchase our coverage, mark it up substantially, and resell it! Dealerships love the extended warranty coverage we provide due to the fact that our provider pays the repair facility direct.

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Is This A Good Fit For Me and my Ford?

Ultimately, obtaining a vehicle protection plan is a personal choice. It is, in essence, a type of insurance and like all insurance products, you have to purchase BEFORE you need it! The following short article is designed to help answer the question: Is a vehicle protection plan a good fit for me and my Ford?

Ford Brands

Staying in business for nearly 110 years is no small feat for a company of any size, especially if you factor in the Great Depression and the recent recession. Although the Ford Motor Company has been weathering storm, they've slid from being the second largest automaker in the world, to the fourth.

Luckily, Ford has remained relatively unscathed in the last few years compared to the rest of the Big Three. The automaker pulled through the recession without the need of government assistance because they had enough liquidity within the company to move forward.

Ford has four vehicle brands remaining in the North American market, all of which have a similar standard warranty:

  • Lincoln - 6 year/70K Miles
  • Mercury - 5 year/60K Miles
  • Ford - 5 year/60K Miles
  • Volvo - 5 year/60K Miles

Ford also places a Roadside Service Assistance program on new vehicles for the same term as the factory warranty. This covers:

  • Towing to the nearest Ford Motor Company dealership, or towing to your selling dealership if within 35 miles
  • Flat tire change
  • Fuel delivery (limited to two occurrences in a 12-month period)
  • Jump-starts
  • Lockout assistance

Extended Ford Car Warranty vs Vehicle Protection Plan

After the standard coverage has expired, drivers have a number of options for an extended ford car warranty. These fall in three main categories:

  • Ford’s Genuine Extended Service Plan (ESP)
  • A dealer-promoted third-party vehicle service contract
  • A non-dealer, third-party vehicle service contract (or mechanical breakdown insurance in a few states)

Extended Ford Car Warranty

The extended Ford car warranty is certainly a good option for some people. If you make this choice, just make sure that you're dealer is selling the genuine Ford Extended Service Plan (ESP). Keep in mind that you will have to take your car an authorized Ford facility (usually the dealership) for repair.

I would advise that you pass on the dealer-promoted product if it's not the genuine Ford Extended Service Plan. Dealers often like to put their own brand on a third-party vehicle service contract and these tend to offer the dealership more value than the customer. Sometimes the customer does not realize that this product may not a genuine Ford Extended Service Plan.

Vehicle Protection Plan

Your third choice is a non-dealer, third-party vehicle protection plan also known as a vehicle service contract. This can be a very good choice offering very good value and service if purchased from a reputable company. I recommend that you read Kirk Steele's free report, available here, before you make your choice. The more information you have at your disposal will help you better prepare.

In any case, we recommend purchasing your extended protection BEFORE Ford's warranty expires because:

  • It will be cheaper
  • Your vehicle may not be eligible for an extended warranty or mechanical breakdown protection if you let the manufacturer's warranty lapse before getting covered

Time for You to Decide

According to multiple sources, Ford's products are on the upswing in terms of quality and reliability and the company is finally trying to come back and give the Asian automakers a run for their money.

In the end, the decision to acquire an extended Ford car warranty or a vehicle protection plan is a personal one.

Although, you will pay more, the manufacturer's extended car warranties are usually a solid choice. However, if you decide that a vehicle protection plan is a better option for you, we invite you to request a quote below or give us a call at (800) 724-8141.

Autopom can provide you with a vehicle protection plan comparable to the manufacturer's extended warranty. Not surprising, Autopom pricing is far less than dealer pricing and offers the flexibility of allowing you to choose the repair facility that you're most comfortable with.

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