Audi Extended Warranty

Properly Called A Vehicle Protection Plan As Sold By Autopom


In the market for a Audi Extended Warranty? Is your manufacturer's warranty running out? Or perhaps you just bought a new or used Audi and you're among a growing population of people realizing that you don't have to purchase coverage from the dealer for a high-quality extended auto warranty that is backed by a reputable company.

Due to the fact you're reading this article, you're already "ahead of the game" because most people are not even aware that you can purchase an extended vehicle warranty from a third party and get the same or better coverage that you can take anywhere for repairs! Dealerships love our extended warranty coverage because our provider pays for repairs direct, over-the-phone by credit card.

The best news is that our reputation and coveage cannot be beat!

  • Mercury is known for it's reputation of paying out expensive claims on higher end vehicles, such as Audi
  • Many mechanics often recomened our coverage to Audi owners
  • Comprehensive coverage; Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze

Audi Extended Warranty Car Repair Diagram

Audi’s Sophisticated Features

All models have the option of Audi's fantastic Quattro all-wheel drive system. This system can turn your luxury car into a nimble, performer. However, it can cost you a small fortune, if it ever breaks.

Notable features include;

  • MMI: Multi Media Interface This is a computerized interface between you and the car. Controlled by a silver wheel, mounted on the center console, MMI allows you to change everything from suspension settings, to radio stations. However, you won't be able to adjust anything, when the system crashes. It's not uncommon for the whole system to either need reprogramming, or replacing.
  • FSI Direct Injection: Fuel Stratification Injection is a new type of fuel delivery system that injects a pre-determined amount of fuel directly into the cylinder. It's complicated, but it can boost performance, while saving fuel. FSI is a new technology, and the long-term reliability is unknown.

Audi offers a wide range of cutting-edge features. But, these systems are complex, and require skilled technicians to make repairs.

Other Things To Look Out For:

  • Quattro Automatic Transmission Failures: You can expect to spend $3,000 - $5,000 repairing an Audi transmission.
  • Transmission / Axle Leaks : Cars with the Quattro AWD system do require a good bit of maintenance. The various parts of the sophisticated multi-link suspension system can wear out prematurely, affecting both the ride, and the steering.

Audi Reliability

Before making any decision, research your specific model and year to ensure reliability. Certain models are known to have problems, making the extended protection decision a no-brainer. A good resource to check is

Here are some experiences people from the Edmunds forum have had with the Audi:

I haven't had any experience with the CVT but I had an 06 A4 turbo Quatro and it was really fast and responsive (like my c-5 Corvette) but it broke down 2 times in less than 6 months(lucky it was under warranty) the coils kept burning out...
I have completely replaced my suspension uppers and lower control arms Struts sway bar links, Tie Rod ends, countless Alignments they still cant seem to get it right. Oh and I replaced the Transmission with another used Transmission. Replaced 2 front window regulators, the material on the roof started to hang down. I fixed it myself. the LCD screen on the dash when bad also the radio LCD is bad. replace 2 wheel sensors, I still have a bad Catalytic converters acutally both of them, and O2 sensors...
My experience with my 2009 A4 S-Line has not been great. With less than 28000 miles, I've had three warranty repairs. After the first year, the engine cooling fans replaced because the bearings where going out, this past spring all the door sensors for the key-less entry were replaced and this past weekend, the alternator failed and left me stranded on the highway with a dead battery on a Sunday afternoon. I spend a night in a hotel and missed a day of work...

Why Should You Choose Autopom!?

If your Audi warranty is about to expire, you should consider extended preotection. In summary, here are some things to consider:

  • Autopom! Insurance Services, LLC, Agent for Mercury Insurance Group, is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an "A" Rating
  • Coveraged is backed by AM Best "A" Rated, Mercury Insurance Company
  • Mercury Select is also the claims administrator, so you only deal with one company (but ofcourse, Autopom! here to serve you too!)
  • Mercury claims adjusters are ASE Certified
  • Mercury makes direct payment to the licensed repair facility of your choice
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee - prorated refund anytime after
  • No "Cap" on cumulative claims
  • Convenient Payment Plans with no finance charges or additional fees
  • Autopom! sells nationwide and is one of only a few companies licensed to sell Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in California
  • Included with every contract are a number of valued-added benefits: 24-hour roadside assistance, rental vehicle assistance, tire protection and trip interruption coverage and more!

Whatever you decide to do, I hope that your decision will leave you with Peace-Of-Mind and many years to enjoy your Audi automobile.

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